May 16, 2020

A New Syntax For Foreign Keys in Laravel 7

Since 7.x, Laravel provides a very compact syntax for creating foreign key constraints with the constrained method. In this post we will give a short demonstration of this syntax, and we...


April 24, 2020

Refactoring Nested Queries in Laravel With Dot Notation And Arrow Functions

Recently I stumbled upon a nested query in a Laravel project. It was written like this: You might have seen a comparable nested query in the code you had to work on, and you probably agree that...


April 19, 2020

How to Use Stub Customization in Laravel

Laravel 7 came with a new feature, stub customization. Stub customization gives the ability to modify the stub files that are used when creating classes such as controllers and tests with the...


March 29, 2020

Run Tests With PHP Artisan Test

Since the release of Laravel 7.x, you can run you tests by executing as an alternative to running your tests with the phpunit command. This command will run all your tests, until the...