Sending Laravel Notifications Without Notifiable

Arie Visser • May 14, 2021

laravel php

Notifications in Laravel are typically used to notify users in your application.

Users do not have to be the App\Models\User model, but can be any model that includes the Notifiable trait.

However, sometimes there is no notifiable model involved, and you need to send a notification directly to a given email address, or a list of addresses.

When you try to provide an email address to the send method of the Notification facade, like this:

Notification::send('', new MyNotification());

You will get the following error message:

TypeError : get_class(): Argument #1 ($object) must be of type object, string given

Luckily, the Laravel Framework has a solution for this, with on-demand notifications, that can be written like this:

Notification::route('mail', '')
    ->notify(new MyNotification());

As you can see, the notification object MyNotification is used, but without a model that includes the Notifiable trait.

It is also possible to provide an array of recipients:

Notification::route('mail', ['', ''])
    ->notify(new MyNotification());