July 8, 2020

What is Value Object Casting in Laravel?

Laravel 7 introduced Custom Eloquent Casts. Next to primitive types, such as json, it is also possible to cast values that form a compound to objects. This is an effective way to introduce value...


June 17, 2020

Configuration Caching Caveats in Laravel

With configuration caching you can bundle all configuration files, to be loaded faster by Laravel. When you run php artisan config:cache, a new file will be created in...


May 16, 2020

A New Syntax For Foreign Keys in Laravel 7

Since 7.x, Laravel provides a very compact syntax for creating foreign key constraints with the constrained method. In this post we will give a short demonstration of this syntax, and we...


April 24, 2020

Refactoring Nested Queries in Laravel With Dot Notation And Arrow Functions

Recently I stumbled upon a nested query in a Laravel project. It was written like this: You might have seen a comparable nested query in the code you had to work on, and you probably agree that...